Because we represent 'YOU'... not a party!

Will somebody tell our local politicians that Doncaster people are being disregarded in favour of outdated party policies... the world has moved on since Keir Hardie.  We have no pits in Doncaster, we have no Doncaster rail industry.. unless it is foreign owned.   Our local 'pot holed' High streets are full of cheap shops, charity shops and food banks!

Look around and ask what happened and why? Then think which party, locked in the 1930's and obedient to party dogma, has brought this upon us?  What has improved since you were a child?  Never mind your dad's or your granddads opinion.... Why have we in Doncaster not advanced like 'them darn sarf?' Is it because of our 'Westminster Clique' are disconnected from their voters... of course it is!

The Conservatives have tried to lead us in the North and failed, time and time again, Why? Because they assume that they, with their Eton, Harrow, Cambridge or Oxford backgrounds, know what is best for you! Try talking to a Conservative politician in Doncaster... OK, we know we don't have many, but when it comes to helping ordinary people they have the same 'We know best attitude' and that is why UKIP are the only truly representative party in Doncaster.

Only one party is recognising that the British public are sick of illegal wars, fed up of sending money out of the country and tired of being neglected in  this country in favour of ungrateful countries that just don't like us.  And it's just not overseas.......... Locally,  UKIP are asking why have we been subsumed, without a vote, into the Sheffield City Region?  We have no voice nor interest in Sheffield.  Once again weak local politicians have voted in favour of Doncaster being remotely controlled. Did they not learn from the 'Referendum?'  Doncaster should be the lead Authority in this area!

If You Have Had Enough..

Then please consider joining Doncaster UKIP. We are the most active group in Yorkshire and fast becoming the largest group in the region.  Our Doncaster Branch meets regularly on the last Monday of every month. We meet at 7pm in Hyde Park Working Men's Club Carr House Road Doncaster.  We would like to see you there or you can join our Doncaster Branch here