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Welcome to The Doncaster Branch of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Are you fed up with the mainstream parties? We are one of the largest local groups of UKIP in the country and we are still growing.  Please join us and help us fight to ensure our independence from the EU.

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  • Doncaster Mansion House.

  • Frenchgate Shopping Centre Doncaster.

  • Doncaster Race Course.

  • St. Georges Church Doncaster.

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Join UKIP for as little as £15 a year

Fed up with NO representation of your views either locally or nationally? Impressed by UKIP ? Then why not join UKIP or your local branch in Doncaster? Join here

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....Doncaster Council

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...All Councillors are to be re-elected 2017

The referendum has shown the true colours of the parties that govern but don't listen to us. You have another chance in May 2017 to put that right.

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...It's time to change British Politics

You have seen the tactics recently used by the major political parties and their leaders.  You have also seen that only UKIP reflects your views

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