UKIP prospective MayorBrian Whitmore

As an active member of my community I have witnessed at first hand what years of neglect can do to the spirit of local people who have been neglected in favour of  out-dated ideologies that benefit political parties without a concern for the people who vote.

I believe it is time for change and I believe the agenda for change should be driven by the needs of the public not politicians who want to hang on to power at any cost.  If you vote for me then I promise that you will have a say in where your money is spent and on who benefits from your contributions to council taxes and rents. 

Make me your first preference and I promise your choice and my no-nonsense approach will have an impact on the future of Doncaster.  It's time for CHANGE

Safer Communities

I believe that there should be a policy of zero tolerance towards all crime including, anti-social behaviour, littering, drug abuse, vagrancy, begging, spitting and graffiti.

I believe that 'care in the community' should be for all ages and that we should protect the vulnerable elderly, disabled and children to prevent neglect and abuse.

I believe that there should be a greater presence of police officers patrolling all our communities and that they should be seen to take action to make our streets safer again.


I believe that we should be attracting businesses into the areas where unemployment is at its highest thereby reducing travel costs for the low paid. I believe that parking charges and restrictions should be reduced to help small businesses and that, to help shoppers, on-street parking charges should be suspended at week-ends.

I believe that we should remove any anomalies that discourage inward investment and that we should promote business start ups.  I believe we should be encouraging new businesses by giving them a period rate free in which they can establish themselves. 

I believe that smaller townships outside of Doncaster Town Centre should have appointed business liaison officers to represent the views of businesses at council level and to assist in any negotiations or their outcomes. 


I believe that any Council  Increases should be frozen at 2% and that increases in social care costs are made from sensible savings and the reduction of waste.

I believe that more should be done to reduce homelessness particularly amongst veterans with local people being a priority. 

I believe that we should build more affordable homes for the less affluent in our communities. I believe that any land owned by the council should be released for the sole purpose of building smaller homes to remove families from the iniquitous  bedroom tax.

At a Time of Austerity 

Doncaster Council has spent £20 million pounds on consultants!

Local council tax has risen by 10% whilst Council tax payers wages have been almost frozen. Council Tax is to increase further in 2017.

Doncaster Council continues to spend 'Borrowed Money' on egocentric policies that will have to be paid back by our children and their children.

I believe that it is time for change and that any major expenditure should be approved by local referenda. I believe that we the public should say how and where  'OUR' money is spent.