Following a review by The Local Government Boundary Commission for England, changes were made to some ward boundaries and  the number of Councillors were reduced from 63 to 55.  Doncaster Metropolitan Borough is divided into 21 areas known as wards and each ward (depending on its size) is represented by 2 or 3 democratically elected Councillors.

All Councillors elected in May 2015 remain in office until May 2017 when there will be a further 'all out' election which will also coincide with the Mayoral election. The Mayor and all Councillors elected in May 2017 will serve a 4 year period of office.

Doncaster UKIP

If you care about the part of Doncaster that you live or work in and the issues facing local people, you could become a UKIP councillor.

Do you have a strong opinion on local issues? Do you  enjoy talking to friends and colleagues about what’s going on in Doncaster? Do You feel that certain sections of the community or people who live in a particular area need stronger Local representation?  People who are most concerned about local issues such as crime, schools, transport and the environment. are ideal candidates, if you are one of them then we would like to hear from you.

"You can be confident that as a UKIP Councillor, you’ll be free from party whips and you will act on behalf of your electorate not your party. 

Every year more and more UKIP Councillors are being elected across the country. UKIP Doncaster are hoping to increase our representation on Doncaster Council and give people and communities what they deserve, more power for their communities and more say over what happens in their streets, villages, towns and Cities. UKIP  are doing this by offering local referenda on big issues. UKIP Doncaster promise you  direct democracy by empowering the people who elect us. UKIP Doncaster  want to put democracy back into local government.

"People vote UKIP because they know they will get a hard working, dedicated Councillor who wants to make a difference."

The Legal Stuff

To be eligible you must be:

You cannot stand if:

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a councillor.


Then contact us here or phone 07590 206 485