We are one of the largest and most active branches in Yorkshire. Doncaster UKIP  is committed to making real changes on your behalf in your community.

Our Aims.

  • To control and balance the Labour dominated Council that represents less than 50% of Doncaster voters, but effects 100% of residents, with your help we hope to redress the balance and make Doncaster Council truly representative.

  • To help regain civic pride in our towns and parishes by  recognising and rewarding communities that care for their areas. To help,  we would work with police and other services to eradicate anti-social behaviour where ever it occurs
  • .

  • To develop opportunities across the whole Borough by working with businesses and  infrastructure companies to deliver greater work and income opportunities.

  • To understand the needs of our vulnerable older and younger residents and to take protective action on their behalf.

Councillors and Prospective  Councillors

UKIP does not hold a party whip and allows it councillors to speak freely and to represent their communities independently.  Your representatives are 'Your Representatives' and we as a branch will strive to help them meet the needs of their communities and will not expect them to support any polices or procedures to the detriment of their residents.

If you have considered joining UKIP or becoming a UKIP councillor, please contact us here.

Our Meetings

We meet on the last Monday of each month and meetings are held at Hyde Park Working Men's Club. The meetings commence at 7pm and they become informal once the branch business is concluded. Please come along and meet 'like minded' people.