Doncaster UKIP Branch

69% of Doncaster electorate were not represented by the major parties during the 'Referendum'.  Only one party reflected their wishes for self governance. Only one party was in tune with the public, only one party has consistently spoke in favour of protecting the rights of British people.

Look around and see just how much complacency has cost us, we have allowed our communities to deteriorate by not challenging our politicians about their false austerity measures which some how allow multi-million pound council office blocks to be built while we have food banks on our pot-holed roads.

Help us Bring About Change

 By joining your local branch  you will be helping us fight for recognition as the true voice of local people.  We intend to fight the council elections across the Borough in the hope of getting better representation on Doncaster Council. We can only do that with your help!  We are looking for members who wish to stand as MP's Doncaster Mayor or Local Councillors either Ward, Town or Parish. Interested? Then please contact us

Your Contribution

When you join UKIP we get a small contribution (5%) from your first years membership fee. That money will help us pay for the cost of our local candidates leaflets.  So you can help us by joining this branch and then, if able, you can help us by standing for election or delivering our candidates leaflets in your area.

Your Choice

You can phone us here or you can join our local Doncaster Branch by completing our enquiry form here